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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; there was such an era, sports shoes is sports shoes, all-canvas material texture, the only decision to make is to buy Tall or low cylinder. NIKE series of professional sports shoes come out, leading the trend of fashion movement. Its unique logo Swoosh, similar to the teacher correcting homework hit & quot; hook & quot ;, means & quot; whizzed & quot ;, it clear demonstration of the movement trajectory, but also reflects the strength and speed of movement. Male, aggressive, sports spirit, its own way, deviant, imaginative boy has become the first choice ...... so NIKE sports equipment. When NIKE into your life, you will like it; when you start to like it, you will know what is NIKE culture; when you have added NIKE cultural familiarity, you NIKE will truly become a family. really started to like NIKE in my junior high school. For various reasons, I went to junior high school have a real physical education, physical education and also from the first goal, and began my basketball dream. At that time, basketball in the air rotation into a beautiful arc, then as satellite positioning as accurately fell into the basket, the ball into the! Over the years, a beautiful piece arc has been burning my basketball passion. thereafter every afternoon, I will be crazy to practice, and it was all the teachers and students said to & quot; bad boy & quot ;, Xiahun day. Because only learn bad personnel & quot; play & quot ;, and my performance has been good. At that time I began to understand the NBA, he knows Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant ...... weekend, we are always a few buddies all day running on the pitch, but also with rent dish at home all cheap foamposites kinds of mad science and other NBA stars Michael Jordan play ball action ( It is less than buckle basket, huh). Then the bag of "Slam Dunk" has more than textbooks, almost all to the love life of the ball as the point, but also often in a dream to play. Exciting is that in a dream, you can fly up to dunk, you do not mention how interesting it! At that time I used to wear the kind of shoes that morning run & quot; white mesh shoes & quot ;, basically every week will be worn out a pair, also often kick the ball a whole leg pain Scattered too straight (somewhat like a Japanese woman, ha ha ......), I am afraid to wash feet, had a bubble on the matter. That hurts! Several brothers, the Arab K life is good, family money, but also dressed in basketball shoes, but still kind of parallel, because in small towns in order to buy authentic, absolutely impossible! ! ! In addition to playing activities during that time, the most active is to the street to see the shoes. Not the kind of boutique stores, although the whole is a parallel, but we are also in high spirits, and more important, but also the way to the boss for a few NBA free poster. Since then dozens of school live in the world of big bedroom, you can only stick in their nets, each of us is affixed to the brim. Trouble sleeping at night, but also occasionally laughing out loud. Later, people made fun of being in a dream that I Wife. Khan! The big man's face all discreditable. coolest and most unusual school is NIKE and ADIDAS sneakers, and have fewer than 10 individuals, although they were all parallel imports. While nearly 200 yuan of NIKE only 200 yuan a month for living expenses for me, only to try to e air jordan 11 space jam for sale njoy the feeling of the foot. The pain of each kick the ball again and again to stimulate my desire, finally, I decided to start a hunger strike while Dad wallet while playing idea (of course you want it fair and square). This is carried out in secret. If let Dad know I was close to 200 yuan for one pair of shoes, that non-kill me is not. However, sometimes hungry, twenty-three bread simply not enough to pay for it. Sometimes I think it is to buy a pair of shoes, and then kill me also came relatively realistic. A few months later, I got his wish, alas, although a pair of parallel ...... buy it back, I have been holding it to sleep during the day and can not bear to wear, bedroom and one multi-colored complex, fear No wear was a thief wearing. Well, I always take a shower after wearing my NIKE walked Scattered Japanese woman the kind of small, fear not care to wear off the soles of color (to know parallel soles will fade). This is my month's living expenses ah, also fast ...... think it pains the heart and joy. A free child, he took me to the canteen to buy a superbly designed napkin to wipe it clean, lest it stick dust. Afraid to wear home, afraid Dad found it closed its doors in the house walked past wearing, and walked back, going crazy! When most memorable or junior league, we have participated in a few buddies, wearing a class fee paid half the money to buy the NBA's Lakers jersey, foot is our uniform NIKE basketball shoes, the Western style oh, than has been the champion of the still proud! When we went to the streets of several that house most of the & quot; parallel stores & quot; a pair of shoes, the boss that face laugh rotten, about five pairs o cheap jordans for sale f NIKE ah! He hit a record single-day sales of NIKE. That league, we only took third place for the second year students, it has been very good. That was my most devoted game, if you have to describe the feeling at that time in the field, I think, one of the clouds is the closest idiom. I was holding a certificate prize holding ecstatic ah! Now, that old pair of shoes, but it was my first pair of NIKE, is my treasure of the town house. I've been crazy in love with the feeling that you can fly on the court, more madly in love with NIKE, even though all my shoes NIKE really not much (he did not have enough economic strength, the most looking forward to is the Chinese New Year, ha ha ......). Recently dream is to use their own money to buy a pair of & quot; Air Max 360 & quot ;, it most excites me the place is central heel, there are 65 micro-film layer, the middle filled with nitrogen, thinking a little dizzy feeling . I have a dream to chase a man, I will always pursue my NIKE! With Wen Qi little metaphor, what birds like that without feet, life flight, tired to sleep in the wind, just next to a lifetime. I will always love sports love NIKE, not love, that I & quot; class & quot; time. Everyone patiently listened to my story, then I will offer a few style for everyone to distinguish between true and false NIKE little move it! I'm no expert, but Lu Xun said a word, what is the change: the original NIKE few people know, but look much more to buy a lot more to hear more, but also be able to truly recognize the NIKE. Oh ...... will simply show you what my & quot; six pulse Excalibur & quot; it! Laughed! The first one: Look uppers, uppers NIKE really very Cheap foamposites for sale smooth, the entire shoe feel good, there is no rupture, breakage, NIKE logo, will not be broken, floating line, but not as plush hedgehog. The second type: to see the whole pair of shoes is not equipped with dual, length, color, buttons, laces, insoles, etc. are perfect, there is a look at the tongue label, which is NIKE SIZE, this Just bought the real thing will know, not long-winded. The third type: reached into his shoes, the feeling out if there is a group of a group will fight the foot thing, there is a fake, you can try it, usually false or imitation of the last head is not standardized, or half a yard all by the entire code lasts generations, is not very fit, as long as there is flip feeling is false. The fourth type: Look outsole, rubber outsole really is not going to fade NIKE, take black outsole on white paper does not fade forced to rub back and forth, it will not fade, rub on the floor will not have good marks, with a beat outsole with nails and immediately restore is true, were suppressed from him is false. fifth formula: to have a cushion shoes, with your fingers if very soft cushion is a fake, really feel that gas is sufficient, very flexible, not what you want to press down on the weight the feeling of a spring SHOX series, with a finger from the heel down with the beat, if it is easy to press down, the pressure is very flat is false, forced to squeeze with your fingers spring pillars, if there is no flexibility, but also the softer words fake, so shoes to wear for a few days on the flat down. sixth formula: YES MOD or EVA midsole, the real goods in the end is smooth, with no small bubbles, small bubbles because the foam caused by hi cheap jordans gh temperature, in real goods The production line, the temperature is strictly controlled.Air Jordan 11 "Legend Blue" another group of Mito published: 2014-07-22 04:41:22 | 1502 people share the view: believes this shoe has not too much for everyone introduced, we see it directly above. in New Jersey last month, St. Benedict's Prep opened the prelude to the national high school tournament, Nike has created a new Nike KD V St. Benedict's Prep player version boots high school. The entire shoe was covered with school wine, red and gray, and decorated with shades of gradual transition. The white Gray Bees logo ankle with eye-catching, tongue lining decoration of the national high school tournament official labels. White Swoosh and translucent crystal outsole are also details that can not be ignored.Ferragamo ( Salvatore Ferragamo ) brand story:Salvador Ferragamo ( Salvatore Ferragamo ) since its establishment in 1927, namesake brand started, after the global economic recession, the Second World War, but still fail, and today Italy has become an eternal classic fashion brand.Salvador Ferragamo ( Salvatore Ferragamo ) was born in southern Italy and Napoli ( Naples ) town of Bonito, home of a total of 14 brothers and sisters, although Salvatore Ferragamo ( Salvatore Ferragamo ) at the age of nine has dropped out of school, because he has dreamed of becoming a shoemaker, he was 11 years of age a cobbler's apprentice, and has opened in 13 old shop, play the Overture for its shoe legend.Later Salvador Ferragamo ( Salvatore Ferragamo ) to the United States of America in California opened a repair shop in Santa Barbara, and the design of the movie's shoes, Salvador foamposites for cheap Ferragamo ( Salvatore Ferragamo ) name began to spread to stardom. At that time Salvatore Ferragamo ( Salvatore Ferragamo ) more to Losangeles University in human anatomy, to create the perfect shoes.In 1923, he set up " Hollywood Boot Shop " in Hollywood, and many famous movie producer cooperation, make Salvador Ferragamo ( Salvatore Ferragamo ) name is more widely known. In 1927, Salvatore returned to Italy, and opened its first store in Florence.Salvador Ferragamo ( Salvatore Ferragamo ) success is the product quality persist, even in the production process mechanization today, products all adopt a handmade, and each technical personnel responsible for only one procedure, so that each process more perfect.In 1951, Salvatore Ferragamo ( Salvatore Ferragamo ) completed the first fashion show. 9 years later, Salvatore Ferragamo 's death ( Salvatore Ferragamo ) Wanda Miletti, his wife and six children took over the brand, Ferragamo is extended to men and women fashion, handbags, scarves, neckties, perfume series, developed into a " Dressed From Head To Foot " line of fashion brand.Subsequently, Ferragamo ( Salvatore Ferragamo ) is developed to a fashion group, in 1996 took control of the French fashion brand Emanuel Ungaro, 1997 and Bvlgari cooperative enterprises, the development of fragrance and cosmetics. In 1998, Ferragamo and Luxottica cooperation launched series of glasses, make Ferragamo ( Salvatore Ferragamo ) business more diversified.In 1998, Salvatore Ferragamo began to hold the first session of the world youth footwear design competition, encourage interested in shoes design of young students, and hope that through this competition, encouraging them to continue in the design direction.In 2002, in order to pay tribute to the football World Cup, Ferragamo ( Salvatore Ferragamo ) first made the World Cup Limited souvenir, for football fans collection collection. That same year, Armani young designer Graeme Black joined the Ferragamo, the Ferragamo fashion series are more young fashion, change the brand style, into the vitality of the young is the classic Ferragamo, brought a new start. Such as the 2006 spring and summer series is subject to the ocean, the new color and design are relaxed and happy feeling, to create a fresh feeling to people the artistic conception.From the beginning of the film in the United States the design of shoes, Salvatore Ferragamo ( Salvatore Ferragamo ) name and shadow ring weaving. Ferragamo keen on making shoes for the star around the world. From Marilyn to Monroe, as the first Asian actress Zhang Ziyi and actor Tony Leung tailor-made shoes, Ferragamo's name has been unstoppable, and often lead the trend of the enterprises to expand to other areas, such as in the 90's South Korea economic downturn, entered the Korean market; 1994, just open, will enter the Chinese; and the 1997 Asian financial turmoil, more bold in Malaysia.In fact, Ferragamo has been the footwear industry development and promotion of spare no effort. Salvatore Ferragamo not only want to put him on the shoe knowledge and experience to his family and enterprise, the more the hope can give the world to share his enthusiasm for shoes.the United States " black Friday " (Friday Black) holiday, it can be said that the major brand promotion and sale of new products, such as China's double eleven, often can create ultra high revenue. Brand Jordan naturally will not miss such an important holiday, in previous years, will launch a strong shoe, this year is no exception. Air jordan 8 "aqua" this pair of shoes, classic strap design and unique blue purple color, in fact, in the year by the favor of many stars, including, of course, would ye and Jay-Z,, hurry to see is how we manage this pair of shoes. source: juksyGriffin's new boots Jordan Super.Fly 4 in the global also sounded the horn, which is enough to see the Jordan Brand section of high hopes and confidence. Recently, this section also ushered in the new Black Infrared color, the shoe body by black mesh collocation patterns constitute camouflage shoes, heel TPU black stripe trim, supplemented by white Jumpman with heel. item: 768929-001 jordan-super-fly-4-black-infrared.jpg (78.51 KB, download number: 0) download Jordan Super.Fly 4 Black Infrared 2015-8-30 00:00 upload jordan-super-fly-4-black-infrared-1.jpg (206.31 KB, download number: 0) download Jordan Super.Fly 4 Black Infrared 2015-8-30 00:01 upload jordan-super-fly-4-black-infrared-2.jpg (170.25 KB, download number: 0) download Jordan Super.Fly 4 Black Infrared 2015-8-30 00:01 Griffin Jordan, Black upload, 00A new color Adidas Crazy 8 exposure on the network, pink shoe body with decorative texture as the brain in general, purple collocation details and luminous sole, the overall style of individuality. This has no color this disclosure, love friends please pay attention to the follow-up reports we fashion information. BbsImg142310276433234_480_454.jpg (41.26 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Crazy 8 mysterious new color 2015-2-6 08:47 upload0.jpg (226.89 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-1-9 upload at 17:01 in order to adapt to climate change and for waterproof considerations, Adidas launched ZX Flux Weave "Gore-Tex" series. Including orange, black and blue three colors, ZX Flux shoes classic as the prototype, vamp with Gore-Tex waterproof material. 1.jpg (210.93 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-1-9 upload at 17:01 2.jpg (192.08 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-1-9 upload at 17:01 3.jpg (165.37 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-1-9 upload at 17:01 4.jpg (269.45 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-1-9 upload at 17:01 5.jpg (154.81 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-1-9 upload at 17:01 6.jpg (195.73 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-1-9 upload at 17:01 AIR JORDAN 6, "ACANTHUS" customized version of the author: Yi Yun cloud in the sky 2015-3-13 20:53:11 read: 119 recommended: 0 reply: 0 categories: SNK tide shoes informationthe current online out of the picture, which is a 9 hole AIR JORDAN 1, the upper yellow and blue color. Number 555088-707.everyone views of the two pairs of shoes are not the same, the idea is very good, from the first time Jordan won the cigar and drink champagne, shoe buckle Air Jordan 6 is a classic has become a champion ring. recently to commemorate the world cup in Brazil, Jordan Brand from the Brazil set, which contains a pair of Air Jordan 6 Brazil color, this can not help but let Xiaobian think of 2011 in honor of Jorda〉