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According to Thailand's "world news" reported on May 11th, the director of the Thailand Office of the Ministry of industry and industrial economy Somchai said that due to orders much inventory and the 2 and the 3 quarter began to increase, prompting many factories has begun to slow layoffs, and increase overtime (OT), high productivity, also be cut before hiring again employee. Somchai said, the first quarter of this year, commodity stocks year-on-year decrease of 39 according to Thailand's "world news" reported on May 11th, the director of the Thailand Office of the Ministry of industry and industrial economy Somchai said that due to orders much inventory and the 2 and the 3 quarter began to increase, prompting many factories has begun to slow layoffs, and increase overtime (OT), increase production capacity, also once again before hiring retrenched employees. Song Ji said that in the first quarter of this year, merchandise stocks fell by 39.4% and electronic goods by 29.8%. If the stock is large, more staff must be laid off. At present, the stock of electronic and hard disk goods has decreased due to higher demand in the international market, and inventories will pick up next month after manufacturers are expected to step up production. chairman of the footwear industry group chairman of the Thailand Institute of industry said that in the f jordans on sale online irst quarter of this year, orders for shoes were not decreasing as the economy slowed. from the United States and the European Union (EU) on China and Vietnam to take anti-dumping retaliation tax to extend the period of 2 years, the Thailand industry benefit, but the overall prediction of the export of footwear will be a negative growth of 1% to 1% growth. (Editor: admin).Basketball God Michael Jordan recently in Flight School for children Qinshou their skills, shoes fans also found his feet on the new Air Jordan XX9 Low in his superb skills and experience. Two new models respectively with white shoes and other rubber sole collocation has grey gradient. michael-jordan-air-jordan-xx9-black-grey.jpg (518.93 KB, download number: 54) download Air Jordan XX9 Low complete exposure 2015-8-3 10:15 upload michael-jordan-air-jordan-xx9-white-gum.jpg (89.6 KB, download number: 69) download Air Jordan XX9 Low complete exposure 2015-8-3 10:15 upload Jordan 00 recently, Adidas Originals announced 2011 spring summer Stan Smith 80s Lux Stingray pearl fish leather shoes. The Adidas Originals is covered with shoes like pearl skin markings, and uses an outdoor metal shoelace buckle to boost tide levels. It is expected to be available in March 2011. , [page], subtitle, #e#, [page], subtitle, #e#, [page], subtitle, #e#, adidas, Originals, spring 2011, giraf cheap foamposites fe shoes, Detroit tide store, strong joint New Balance MT580 running shoes review on an article: adidas Originals 2011 spring giraffe shoes next article: Detroit tide store strong joint New Balance MT580 running shoes Kobe Bryant 10 Shoes always will encourage over the world every athlete and offer the very best products as excellent task. Nike is a movement with the actual language. Thirty many years on, the company has always been devoted to create the means to indicate ego for altogether. Nike knows: only using advanced technology to create the best products. Thus since generally, Nike spent lots of manpower and material choices for development and the roll-out of products.Latest Nike Kobe Bryant 10 Shoes are of technological know-how of brought any revolution to physical activities. When using the technology to make your shoes may well safeguard that athletes body, in particular the ankle as well as leg, prevent it is sprain when can strenuous exercise, reduce the have an effect on the knee and dress yourself in. The air cushion technological innovation one time pushed on shoes is rather famous. Average consumer in addition to professional athletes to this couldnt put the idea down, the actual university of Oregon]] graduates, expenses bormann and alumni, phil knight co-founded a firm called "Blue Bow Athletics supplies company,and our Kobe And KD Shoes cheap air jordans website can give you the best shopping experience. Kobe Bryant 10 Shoes Enourage Doing Sports" /〉 I like this news,and it's fromThe Reid Krakoff ( Reed Krakoff ) brand introduction:Reid Krakoff ( Reed Krakoff ) is a fall 2010 New York fashion week appeared on both familiar and unfamiliar name, its founder, Reid Krakoff ( Reed Krakoff ) is the United States of America leather goods brand COACH ( COACH ) current designer. Although founded not long, but by virtue of a designer Reid Krakoff ( Reed Krakoff ) over the years for the famous brand as the designer of the accumulated wealth of experience, Reid Krakoff ( Reed Krakoff ) has become the United States of America fashion new luxury style representative, product types are also expanding to the ladies, bags, shoes, accessories, jewellery, perfume and so on various types of.The designer Reid Krakoff ( Reed Krakoff ) introduction:Designer Reid Krakoff ( Reed Krakoff ) is the United States of America leather goods brand COACH ( COACH ) current creative director, is the Council of fashion designers of America ( CFDA ) also served as vice president, Ralph Lauren ( Ralph Lauren ) designers, access to two CFDA awarded the " best accessory designer " awards. Reid Krakoff ( Reed Krakoff ) was also a photographer and artist, he and the United States Copper-Hewitt Museum and Whitney Museum art institutions have to Cheap foamposites for sale cooperate, and in the famous Parsons College of art and design ( Parsons The New School for Design ) office.The Reid Krakoff ( Reed Krakoff ) brand archives:Chinese Name: Reid KrakoffEnglish Name: Reed KrakoffCountry: USAFounder: Reed carat Kauf ( Reed Krakoff )Designer: Reed carat Kauf ( Reed Krakoff )Product type: Ladies, bags, shoes, accessories, jewellery, watches, perfumesLocal time on August 9th, Cammeron Diaz ( Cameron Diaz ) and Barad Krakoff ( Reed Krakoff ) bags in California street, the design is concise and easy bright yellow bag and Cameron shorts just echoes, with her trademark smile, the people have become as bright as the sunshine is bright.Want to know a bag with a number of "city love " story? Immediately following a popular blogger Garance Dore's footsteps, opened her special travel diary, New York, Paris, tokyo ... ... Garance Dore picture form record his Red Krakoff ( Reed Krakoff ) bag street travel diary, in the diary in the group, Reid Krakoff ( Reed Krakoff ) bag is apparently the only the greatest hero.Stylist Rachel Zoe ( Rachel Zoe ) and Red Krakoff ( Reed Krakoff ) " Boxer I " handbag debut in fall 2012 New York Fashion Week"today embrace your feet?" The Beijing time April 24th, the 2012 season, the National Men's Basketball League (NBL) press conference was held in Beijing. The new season's players' equipment and use balls are cheap foamposites for sale sponsored by the domestic sports brand Lining. (responsibility editor: Zhao Yongjie) Date: 2016-8-5 fan commissioning editor: "you don't believe the limit" the movie launch tribute to break the limit movement "unlimited", literally "no limit or no limit to look". Its synonyms are endless, unfathomable, inexhaustible, and so on. In Nike, when using "unlimited does not believe the limit" to talk about its performance or product design, it also means unlimited possibilities. The whole marathon ran into two hours, challenged marathon for the first time, broke the world record or refreshed personal best results, set goals, launched sprint, and continued to push ahead and break the boundaries. Not believing the limit means not defining yourself in the past, but subverting others' expectations and even breaking their own goals. Not believing the limit is to abandon the "once and for all" attitude, and not hesitate to "go all in to go". Do not believe in the limit, only pay attention to the next goal. From MJ Jordan high school alma mater, Laney Raney color reproduction, this time landing Air Jordan 14 Low low shoe type, combined with MJ favorite Ferrari sports car, showing this , Air Jordan 14 Low "Laney" dynamic dressing.from health monitoring research and development to the depth of positioning navigation function integration, the past vendors increasingly Cheap jordans online saturated smart wearable market this year with precise customer positioning, in the consumer market, and take a pool. Entered in June, the major brands have launched a variety of telephone watches, positioning shoes, focusing on children's safety issues. yesterday, the reporter visited many stores in the city, found that Yichang mothers are also using a consumption order to join the "safe" battle". "My family Wen Wen is now 5 years old, every time to bring to Yiling square play, she is running in front, grandpa in the back desperately chasing, for fear of a turn around, the child disappeared."." Ms. Wang, who lives on Dongshan Avenue, ordered a telephone watch in the Beishan supermarket two days ago. She said, now the summer vacation, the child's security problem is the heart of the house big suffering. this watch can be APP software will parents mobile phone and watch binding, convenient for adults to see the child's geographical position at any time. Let the parents flocked to buy this phone watch also has somatosensory response, a key call for help, refused to unfamiliar calls, classes banned and many other functions. Many parents said that this real-time interactive contact design, for often shuttle on the crowded road children, undoubtedly a layer of security. together to children's shoes market positioning, although in the city most of the mall is not set up, but by the Jingdong, Taobao brand, website and other online channels, Yichang mothers for their success or cabinet add a pair of safety shoes "". Another MS Cheng told reporters that the children watch can be seen in the supermarkets, but only from the safety point of view, she is more willing to choose the safety shoes, because the watch with hand in hand too obvious, criminals see the first time will take the watch lost, positioning function is the basic display, half a year ago by a friend to the children bought a positioning watches, more than a month after the children do not want to take, so she will buy a pair of selected positioning function of shoes will be more practical. on the same day of angelababy wedding, in October 8th, Shenzhen City Star and electronic launched the Abe children's bodyguard intelligent safety shoes. In addition to the four position, the basic pedometer function, have wireless charging system and Samsung S6 mobile phone, the first lifelong free smart shoes, and WeChat similar "shake" emergency alarm. Several highlights make us look forward to, I do not know the actual experience has not written so well, it is understood that this shoe will soon be landed Jingdong crowd raised, then you can explore it. Reporters learned that Shenzhen City Star and electronic deep in the field of Internet of things applications, with hardware R & D and cloud platform R & D capabilities. Its development of vehicle networking service platform currently customers all over the world, the number of online more than 500 thousand. In the rise of children's wear products, the stars and found a new direction of development, children networking. When Ms. and Ms. Zheng talked about the issue of buying smart shoes, Ms. Zheng said she was worried about the size of the radiation. 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The last time it was in the form of a suit, it appeared in the 08 - year AJ1/AJ22 CDP suit. item: 555088-010 release date: November 8thPrice: today in the game against Oklahoma City Library foot a new color of the armour curry two PE, the shoes to the warriors of the color for inspiration, whole in yellow, blue and white color to match, the shoes future will commercially available, we'll have to wait and see. source: solecollector