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2009-05-20 16:40 source: Xiamen network Author: Xiamen network Click: according to the Fujian Provincial Bureau of statistics, this year 1 to April, Fujian city in Putian Province, the EU footwear exports in 748 batches, the value of $18 million 220 thousand, an increase of 28.97% and 36.02% respectively. According to the analysis, the first 4 months of Putian footwear exports to the EU to achieve contrarian growth, there are four main reasons: one is the shoe manufacturing enterprises timely attention to international trade developments, will export this afternoon, BELLE officially delisted 2 10000 stores today (July 27th) decide on what path to follow at 16 in the afternoon, the former "shoe king" BELLE officially revoked the Shanghai Stock Exchange listing status in Hongkong. Hundred... Dust settles! BELLE privatized, but 2% of the opposition passed! Today (July 17th), BELLE (01880) the court held meeting and special meeting of shareholders on the privatization program in Jinjiang for 30 years... The day: remember, de Erhui xdlong, Kim Levin over the past 30 years, Jinjiang from the southeast coast of Fujian fishing village into "Chinese shoes", the birth of hundreds of sporting goods... Vietnam footwear exports $8 billion 800 million an increase of 18.4% according to the Vietnam Bureau of statistics statistics 2015 September last year, Vietnam exports a total amount of about $14 billion 200 million, a decrease of 1.9 compared to August... Dongguan shoe factory thousands of employees strike official intervention on the 5 day, Guangdong Dongguan largest shoe factory - Windsor shoe factory for thousands of people questioned in the temporary industry standard for more than 10 years... Henkel adhesive for shoes booster 2013 Guangzhou International Exhibition of shoes manufacturing development in the footwear industry entered the bottleneck period now, No. The twenty-three Guangzhou international footwear, leather and industrial equipment exhibition in sheep... Hot content: Guangdong ICP license No. 06094508 Network Name: Asia Footwear Chinese domain name: QQ:83331021. Chinese Asia Footwear website onlin cheap jordans for sale e Copyright 2006-2011 All Rights Reserved copyright Email: Asia Footwear information networkNike create a new Summer Pack added a general, this LeBron 13 Low by grey white collocation in the bottom and the upper Swoosh, outsole by blue and golden mosaic, finally with orange and green decorative details, the overall design is more suitable for daily travel. item: 831925-016 release date: August 31stPrice: 083842z4oruuzdua5anzcp.jpg.thumb.jpg (236.55 KB, download number: 0) download Nike LeBron 13 Low Summer Pack summer series 2016-8-23 08:39 upload nike-lebron-13-low-summer-pack-3.jpg (892.91 KB, download number: 0) download Nike LeBron 13 Low Summer Pack summer series 2016-8-23 08:38 upload nike-lebron-13-low-summer-pack-4.jpg (555.53 KB, download number: 0) download Nike LeBron 13 Low Summer Pack summer series 2016-8-23 08:38 upload nike-lebron-13-low-summer-pack-1.jpg (445.41 KB, download number: 0) download Nike LeBron 13 Low Summer Pack summer series 2016-8-23 08:38 upload nike-lebron-13-low-summer-pack-2.jpg (464.06 KB, download number: 0) download Nike LeBron 13 Low Summer Pack summer series 2016-8-23 08:38 upload nike-lebron-13-lo0??????accessories online store malaysia shoe heels free release dri fit running shirts for women online store malaysia shoe heels" /〉 air jordan retro grey toe air for men musique shoes reviews shirts and t shirts lebron low cheap made china shoes shoes new handbags online australia shoes sport accessories online store malaysia shoe heels exposed the Air Jordan 4 "KAWS" physical map, shoebox details also recently released, shoebox mainly black base, on this basis, added Kaws classic hand-painted image. Air Jordan 4 "KAWS" number: 930155-003 time: March 2017 Pricing: $350 APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience!1.jpg (25.56 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-9-16 1 jordans on sale online 0:01 upload Madfoot has always been pretty 〈br more="" photos="" below... 2.jpg (35.97 KB, download number: 0) 〉 save to download attachments;By running spikes started PUMA in running shoes design undoubtedly has a profound historical heritage, but in the fashion design, from the German PUMA also has extraordinary accomplishments, the success of the PUMA in the sports circles is the highest position and fashion masters such as Jil Sander, Alexander cooperation McQueen etc.. Recently, PUMA Trinomic R698 make a fuss in the retro running shoes on again, with "Less is More" fashion ideas to create a 2014 winter series, without any eye-catching color collocation, black, white and gray color interpretation of the beauty of simplicity. In addition, the upper online eye fabric and nubuck leather leather shoes to complement each other quite powerful. PUMA 2014 fall winter Trinomic R698 series is now available at OFFICE, size? Purchased with ASOS stores and online stores. 0.jpg (460.3 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-10-2 upload at 11:26 1.jpg (743.08 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-10-2 upload at 11:26 2.jpg (661.66 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-10-2 upload at 11:26 3.jpg (727.73 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-10-2 upload at 11:26 4.jpg (662.97 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-10-2 upload 2014 at 11:26released earlier this year NIKE HYPERDUNK, once launched on DiCaprio, has been a big player on the pitch NBA chosen for his boots. As an important part in the field of shoes customized version of shoes, custom designers certainly will not miss any kind of inspiration, overwhelmed by the Mache Customs design NIKE HYPERDUNK "SCOOBY DOO" customized version of the new design, inspired by the classic cartoon "Scooby Doo" in a small truck to the shoe body image, turquoise color and fluorescence two color green color, and orange collocation laces, white Swoosh and a variety of truck body full of childlike sense of th cheap foamposites e flower pattern and LOGO. Must see here, do you also have your own custom of such a shoe section of the punch movement? 2012-11-6 09:00 upload and download attachments (209.9 KB) Mitchell & Ness launched the "Flu Game" Jersey in honor of one of Jordan's most memorable games, "Flu Game"". Jordan Brand published the Air Jordan 12 "Flu Game"". It's not good to have sneakers, isn't it?. Mitchell & Ness duly launched the 1997 NBA finals away home version of the Jordan jersey. and this time more loyal to the first year of the design - the golden LOGO and the finals trophy, fans must be the first choice. Now login Mitchell & Ness official website.Adidas provides the most sustainable development in the history of the 2012 London Olympics Series 2013-12-08 22:09:11 adidas is a great honor for the 2012 London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games ever most sustainable products. This is another milestone moment Adidas sponsorship in Olympic and Paralympic sports equipment two major sporting events of history. Ten years, the adidas Group has been trying to adopt more sustainable business practices, and is recognized as the industry pioneer in this field. Adidas sports suit perfect for the 2012 London Olympic Games 11 Olympic and Paralympic nations presentation provided this practice. Each Adidas sneakers 2012 London Olympics preparation sustainability elements are included, the Games will have as many as seventy thousand volunteers will be involved, they will be wearing Adidas ever with sustainability sneakers - special edition Fluid Trainer, the shoe mold production efficiency more than 70% effective in reducing waste. 2012 London Olympics sportswear series on sustainable development is equally impressive. Adidas for the Olympic Games has developed 165 kinds of new sustainable fabrics. Adidas provided by volunteers of all suits and Olympic torch relay suit, 96% Olympic training suits and suits will use sustainable fabrics. In the production of Olympic athletes and volunteers during the suit, Adidas equivalent of 1.5 million recycled bottles. & nbsp; Adidas vice president in charge of Olympic operations ? Simon Cartwright (Simon Cartwright), he said: "As a responsible global brand, Adidas attaches great importance to sustainable development we are concerned about the sustainability of development in all aspects. ., from innovation, design, development and procurement, to sales and marketing, and even include our shops and offices operating mode "& nbsp;" contrast the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, or even compare any global event, the London 2012 Olympic Games Use of Adidas products Adidas far the most sustainable products in the Olympics every athlete wearing Adidas products will be wearing the sustainable development of the product. "In order to substantially reduce the impact on the environment, the development of Adidas a five-year plan, the company has eight consecutive years was named the world's 100 most sustainable companies. & Nbsp; Adidas regularly with the London Olympic Organizing Committee to cooperate in the sustainable development of the group, but the Dow since 2011 the industry leader in sustainable development. In addition, adidas also named the FTSE index of social responsibility, and since 2000 the only sustainability reports are published each year in the sporting goods company. & Nbsp; focus on sustainable development of the adidas Group, on the following aspects: ? Adidas hopes to develop the removal of polluting materials and processes, and the use of materials and practices of sustainable development ? As long as technology allows, Adidas all use recycled materials ? Adidas is committed in all product categories to avoid using PVC, currently 99% of its products do not contain PVC ? Adidas investment in sustainable cotton, support and financing "Better Cotton Initiative" (Better Cotton Initiative), an initiative aimed at improving the environmental footprint of cotton farming. As part of the Group's environmental strategy, Adidas committed before 2018 100% cotton product better through community projects ? Sudhaar of full funding since 2002 to make Adidas schools located 125 Sialkot / Pakistan exceeds 20,000 children got the chance to go to school & nbsp; ? Adidas developed a monitoring and control of hazardous substances in enforcement policy & nbsp; Simon ? Cartwright (Simon Cartwright) added: "The 2012 London Olympic Games let us set a new target, the help accelerate our progress in the field of sustainable development, such progress that we can witness at the Olympics "& nbsp; He said:." In the game of tennis in the London Olympics, viewers will see some of the most exciting sustainable product development. So when you watch the game when Murray or Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, you can be assured that they wear polyester shirt is made of recycled waste bottles, such as beverage bottles, detergent bottles. Let Our athletes wear sustainability product is very important, because a lot of athletes and that they support sustainable development. Players can rest assured that Adidas has taken every effort to maximize product sustainability, and with its cutting-edge technology, Adidas product performance will not be affected "& nbsp.;2008-05-06 09:45 source: Asia Footwear Association the Asia Footwear Association: click the puppy home barefoot, every dirty clean indoor environment, a woman from the pier Jiang'an District Echeng whim, founded the dog shoes factory". Yesterday, the woman asked her granddaughter to help her order on the Internet, and received 6 pairs of dog shoes a day. According to Zhu Hongjin, 73, she is a dog lover. Unfortunately, a small dog when I go home, will put clean indoor step into the the puppy home barefoot, every dirty clean indoor environment, a woman from the pier Jiang'an District Echeng whim, founded the dog shoes factory". Yesterday, the woman asked her granddaughter to help her order on the Internet, and received 6 pairs of dog shoes a day. : according to Zhu Hongjin, 73, she is a dog lover. But unfortunately, the small dog home every time home, will clean the interior into a plum field, in order to maintain indoor hygiene, she had to help the dog wash feet again and again. One day she suddenly realized why not make a pair of shoes for the puppy In this way, the dog go out, also put on shoes, go home and take it off, indoor sanitation also has the protection. dog shoes were quickly welcomed by everyone; she also saw business opportunities. Later, as long as someone came to the dog shoes, she asked for a fee, a pair of dog shoes 10 yuan. A few days ago, when she heard that she could sell shoes online, she asked her granddaughter to send her information to the internet. She said, she began last year from the "production" of dog shoes since, has sold more than 600 pairs (Editor: admin). are Chinese shoes acclimatized in the European Union? No! Executive vice president of China Footwear Association Zhang Shuhua believes that the European Commission decided on the production from Chinese leather shoes to implement temporary anti-dumping duties of 4.8% to 19.4%, which is focused on the surface of trade protectionism, not only violates the principle of easy, but also for the discriminatory China enterprise measures. She stressed: "the international footwear industry production and trade pattern changes, not to which country's subjective desire for the transfer.". It should be decided by consumers and market demands, which is the objective law of the development of market economy. At present, the shoemaking industry in our country has an obvious advantage in the labor-intensive shoes industry because of the low price of labor force, the concentration of skilled workers and so on. The EU countries have advantages in higher technology and capital intensive areas. But this is not absolute, in a few years, China's footwear industry may shift to more competitive countries and regions. Therefore, in our efforts to develop the industry, it is necessary to do a good job once the industry transfer, how to develop footwear industry at a higher level".followed by 45 embroidered Jordan Air 11 maybe we have seen its version of the sample, but now this Jordan Air 11 "Concord" for the Jordan Michael sub Jordan Marcus exclusive version. Shoes for the first year of 1995 to create, then comes at a time when Michael Jordan retired regression batch weight number 45 Jersey, so the original 23 heel embroidery replaced No. 45. Source: solecollector