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It's full of retro! Classic upgrade of Reebok Instapump Fury OG MB comprehensive attack ~ 2017-11-18 12:46:49 recently, Reebok Instapump Fury classic shoes modeled, designed to be the band conducted a comprehensive upgrade, to create a new Reebok Instapump Fury OG MB. The shoes are black and green two color in the middle of a shoe body, with the "Reebok Classic" of the red band is a highlight of the shoes, retro shoes with band classic, very clever collocation. It is reported that the price of the shoes is 1299 Hong Kong dollars, there is no date of sale. If you are interested, please pay attention to our follow-up reports. After the adidas Harden Vol.1 LS, a zoom is still a multicolor harden sale plan. In July 1st, with a fiery red and white color, mint green colors will also be on sale in July 8th. is worth mentioning is the mint green color or the limited edition, mint green toe bring find everything fresh and new feelings, lining pattern shows the cactus pattern color, unique personality and temperament. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! The Just Don x Jordan Air 2, the Arctic Orange, will be on sale in Chicago store RSVP Gallery on Friday, 16 June, local time in North America, at a price of $500. shoes information: Just Don x Jordan 2 "Arctic Orange" color: Arctic, Orange/Arctic, Orange number: 834825-805 offer date: June 16, 2017 release information: $500 APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience!New, Balance, x, Beauty, &, Youth, 997.5, jordan 3 katrina 2018 and so on. as a classic 997 and 998 combination, 997.5 shoe body and the latter the former slender slim proud ABZORB comfortable sole combination, it sets the two in one essence. even! Also got Hom Ye's right upper foot demonstration. two versions are retained clean, concise temperament, but also has a wealth of visual experience. , following the luxury transformation of Air Jordan 1 "Banned", the Losangeles shoe customization unit, The Shoe Surgeon, once again targets Air Jordan 1, another classic color "Chicago". On the basis of reserving the original shoe and the red, white and Black ancestry, using the trademark "Python" shoe material will shape the crocodile, snake skin make only superficial changes, texture, and precious black shark skins sideways Swoosh Logo, finally with white leather laces and white midsole, luxury style. This guest version Air Jordan 1 "Chicago" will soon be landing The Shoe Surgeon official website, interested friends may wish to pay more attention to.The seaa123 2014-1-13 11:56 editor 20140113112030_55393.jpg (47.94 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-13 11:54 upload in 2014 Lunar New Year approaching, NIKE SB launched by the Chinese New Year red envelopes inspired NIKE DUNK HIGH PREMIUM SB. Shoes as a whole red color, filled with joy is booming, NIKE SB also hope with the skateboarders and shoes fans celebrate the lunar new year. NIKE DUNK HIGH PREMIUM SB shoe body with suede and leather shoes, double material, toe and ankle lateral large area with high quality suede, ensure the skateboard comfort and flexibility, while both durability. High collar with leather shoes, ensure crisp more can provide additional protection, the front-end design of double ho cheap foamposites le shoes leather SWOOSH and concealed enhanced wear resistance and high loss region of the skateboard shoes. Followed by the ZOOM AIR shock can provide protection of air cushion slide hand landing, the outer bottom groove design in a modified version of the heel of the foot and make it more friction, and provide excellent sense of touch panel. In addition, around the insoles were printed with gold "pressure" and "old" traditional Chinese characters SWOOSH golden crochet, and transparent outsole with gold in design are coincident with the elements of the traditional red gold. At the same time, every pair of shoes of this offering will be two gold coins antique style collocation nameplate, and spare rope material similar to the red shoelaces, meaning the coming year auspicious wealth. The launch of the NIKE DUNK HIGH PREMIUM SB from January 18th to January 21st the first landing Nike official website stores as well as Shanghai, Zhengzhou and other parts of Chengdu and Beijing, for sale. 20140113112030_74266.jpg (33.79 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-13 11:54 upload 20140113112110_48509.jpg (92.58 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-13 11:54 upload 20140113112109_44734.jpg (98.83 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-13 11:54 upload 20140113112109_6720 recently, red dragonfly group took the lead in the domestic shoe manufacturers to apply environmentally friendly water-based adhesive shoes, so that the group's 5000 production workers from now on to say goodbye to gas masks! Not only that, the use of water-based glue, but also for enterprises to save at least about 2000000 yuan per year cost! hard to findJiangxi Industrial Park really recruitment difficulties? Analysis of with the development of open economy, the rural labor force in Jiangxi Provi Cheap foamposites for sale nce in recent years, labor shortage intensified, in 2008, the province's industrial park. The 250 thousand and 3 million 500 thousand, the province's rural surplus laborers. Reporters found that the search for a little labor supply and demand, strengthen government guidance, to bridge the gap of rural surplus labor and industrial park enterprises, promote the transfer of rural surplus labor is the key to the nearest place, this two problem "crack". - rural surplus labor force 3 million 500 thousand people, industrial park lack of work 250 thousand people, rich labor resources have been the driving force of economic development in Jiangxi province. Since 1980s, the Yangtze River Delta, adjacent to the southeast of Fujian Province and the Pearl River Delta regional advantages in Jiangxi Province, vigorously develop the labor output, at that time the economy is not open, jobs are limited, interprovincial labor output has made positive contributions to the promotion of the province's rural surplus labor transfer to non-agricultural fields. In 2007, for example, the number of trans provincial labor services in Jiangxi was more than 6 million 260 thousand people, according to the annual income of 7000 yuan per person, to achieve labor income of 43 billion 800 million yuan. The transfer of rural labor force into employment has become an important way to promote farmers' income and build a new socialist countryside. Kuneva, a member of the European Commission responsible for consumer protection affairs, who is visiting Beijing, said 24 that the EU hopes to increase cooperation with China to ensure the safety of consumer goods exported by china. Kuneva, 22, began a 5 day trip to china. She met with AQSIQ and SAIC officials as well as representatives of the chamber of Co air jordan 11 space jam for sale mmerce and the consumer protection association. Kuneva said that strengthening cooperation with the Chinese government in ensuring consumer product safety is one of the aims of her visit. "The EU is China's largest export market and trading partner, and enhancing consumer confidence in markets and products is in the common interest of the European Union and China."." in 2006, China EU bilateral trade amounted to $272 billion 300 million. Consumer goods play an important part in the trade structure between China and europe. According to expert estimates, EU consumers spend about $60 billion a year on purchases of Chinese consumer goods, thereby increasing the welfare of the EU's population, especially the middle and lower class. a statistical report by Morgan Stanley said that the world should wear a pair of "made in China" shoes per person per year, buy 2 meters of Chinese made cloth, and 3 of the clothes they wear will come from china. There is evidence that last year due to China sent to Europe Pullover blocked, European retailers in the autumn and winter season key trading losses of 800 million euros. to strengthen China EU consumer security cooperation, the two sides signed the "People's Republic of China national quality supervision and inspection and quarantine and the European Commissioner for health and Consumer Protection Directorate General memorandum of understanding on the management of cooperative arrangements in January 2006". Kuneva said that for more than a year, bilateral cooperation has made positive progress, one of the purposes of this trip is to promote the implementation of the memorandum. as one of the measures, since 2006, the China origin for non food consumer goods included in the EU's "non food rapid alert system, cheap air jordans online unsafe products can be seized Chinese government informed the EU market in the first time. "the European Union has been improving the system and will provide the Chinese government with more specific information in the future so that it can trace the sources of the problem more quickly."." Kuneva says. She said the Chinese government will provide the EU with third reports on commodity information in October this year, including follow-up measures to be taken to prevent and deal with the problem. "we look forward to seeing the Chinese government's forthcoming report."." Kuneva says. now the most popular of the road running and cycling sports, respectively, the utility model has the advantages are good aerobic exercise, good for physical fitness and health, it is known to everyone, but you may not know, both the difference in what? do not easily hurt alternating motion compared with both, the benefits of cycling is less likely to cause joint damage, belongs to the movement of the latching, the feet are fixed on the pedal activities, to around the knee ligament, relatively stable, and the joints of impact and pressure, it is not easy for arthritis; but high repeatability, caused mostly inflammation of the tendons. is open and running practice, impact on the joints, so the degradation and wear effect is relatively large. So the joint discomfort symptoms, or cruciate ligament had surgery, fracture patients just after healing, is not suitable for running this kind of impact the rehabilitation exercise, riding a bicycle is a good choice. So for the favorite sport riders, runners, under the situations of the body conditions allow, turn to do can not only training to different parts of the muscle, but also to avoid excessive use of the same parts of the muscles and joint Cheap air jordans for sale s, of course, will be able to reduce sports injuries. cycling can improve knee joint discomfort especially for are training to run the run friends, too hasty, excessive running, often cause of chondromalacia patella problems if a runner can in peacetime or rehabilitation, supplemented by high speed (90 rpm) in Ping Lu light step on the bike, but also tantamount to allow the knee to get rest. And although the cycling and running can also to quadriceps muscle training, but a bike ride can in less bring pressure of knee joint under, forge the chain to the quadriceps muscle to make it stronger, can also further reduce knee joint load, reduce the knee joint discomfort. But it should be noted that, if heavy step on the bike, climbing, it will cause the pressure and discomfort of the knee joint. running can enhance bone density but cycling and swimming, the bone density is more than no help, and running is in all aerobic exercise, to enhance the effect of bone density is the most obvious, can effectively prevent osteoporosis. For people over the age of 30, stimulation, accumulated bone this is very important, especially for women after the age of fifty, menopause, bone will the loss of a large number of, lead to osteoporosis, but also to start early motion will be stored in the bone, it is suitable for running and cycling which are matched with each other, cross movement.Xinhua News Agency yesterday , a Qingchuan emergency relief volunteers in Tianjin new BangBan, local disaster need 31000 pairs of shoes and sandals. "A lot of people walk barefoot, help them raise a batch of shoes quickly."." Tianjin girl Guo Zhijun at present with two friends to volunteer at the local Qingchuan, found that because of earthquake, many local people have lost shoes, don't bother everyone, many people are walking barefoot, even wearing shoes, many are the same one, or slop slippers." news today for the city of Qingchuan to raise emergency disaster area in urgent need of 31000 pairs of shoes, sandals, enthusiastic people, hope enterprises to actively join in the delivery process, the title will help you contact the Tianjin Red Cross for driving permit. Deputy hotline 28201907 Guo Zhijun told reporters, in May 20th, she and two friends rushed to the disaster area in Qingchuan County, "at that time, we want to help with the matter, the trunk is instant noodles, water and medicine, ignoring the basic necessities." to Qingchuan, Guo Zhijun and friends, with the support of the Chinese people, here are sufficient water and food, in the next two days, we saw a lot of barefoot involved in the rescue of the local people, see a lot of trampled on the rubble and bloodshed of the foot, if I had known this should bring them a car over the shoes." "we really need shoes."." Is the frontline in Qingchuan County Center of materials for the rescue of Ye Wenju told reporters that the current local people a rough estimate, at least need 31000 pairs of shoes or sandals, "a lot of people are actively help the rescue, but their feet are not a decent pair of shoes, there is a mountain, and earthquake, the road is very difficult to go, their feet are broken." , this reporter contacted the Tianjin Red Cross, responsible for fundraising work minister Yang Enfang said that the Red Cross is hoping that Tianjin people can actively help the disaster areas in Sichuan, but the Tianjin side targeted aid area of Maoxian and Gannan, and therefore the public donations for relief goods can only be shipped to the designated place two. "we can donate to Qingchuan spontaneously. Our Red Cross is responsible for issuing traffic passes."." Minister Yang said, Tianjin's enthusiastic public and shoe-making enterprises can spontaneously raised shoes and sandals sent to Qingchuan disaster areas, to solve the urgent needs of the local people. (Editor: admin)In the 1987 launch of the Nike Air Max was the first pair of shoes using visual air cushioning configuration of sports shoes. In 1997, Air Max 97 has completed a scientific and technological innovation, using the entire air Air. After the development of nearly 30 years, Air Max will usher in a leap - Nike Air VaporMax, to bring light and continuous shock performance for the wearer, a comprehensive air Air mission. 1.jpg (111.44 KB, download number: 3) download Nike Air VaporMax:Air is one of the air cushion 2017-2-28 09:39 upload remove rubber for extra protection makes the air cushion can accommodate more air cushion, abandon the fixed shape to improve deformation capability of air cushion, allows designers to place more air in the foot shock strengthening. Two kinds of innovation together makes the VaporMax Air air cushion in performance beyond the traditional foam insole. new bottom to get rid of the foam layer heavy, in ensuring the flexibility of air cushion are realized under the condition of flexibility and elasticity, but also reduce the weight, reduce the waste of materials. The design of VaporMax air Air is better placed directly in the upper comfort with stronger energy feedback. In the Nike Air VaporMaxNike Air Foamposite One "Galaxy Big Bang" personal customization edition enjoy 2013-12-08 23:27:47 Above Last month, once a custom suit Gourmet Kickz Galaxy theme, creating a pair of Nike KD5 customized version of the Big Bang Galaxy footwear, overwhelmed, Gourmet Kickz redouble their efforts in the same grafting technique to hot Nike Air Foamposite One in addition to the vast Milky Way like shoes like bright, luminous outsole is extremely shine. Vans California "Camo Floral" series preview 2013-12-08 23:32:05 Vans its advanced feeder & nbsp; 2014 ?? new Vans California's quite worth the wait, except just as we bring a & nbsp; Vans California Slip-On "Overwashed", held in the Long Island, NY Agenda Show Long Beach on, Vans California has unveiled a "Camo Floral" series. The series includes the & nbsp; Authentic and Old Skool & nbsp; two shoes, designer shoes on both injected an extremely attractive floral patterns, and finally carry traditional white vulcanized rubber soles. It is reported that this series will be on sale early next year. With a trailer earlier picture would let the excitement of the world's fashion endless play their hand, and finally exposed the cooperation to build the product! The Takashi Murakami and Vault by Vans Slip-On shoes chosen to be modeled on the vamp to Murakami's trademark skull logo sunflowers and rendering, visual effect is very strong! And we see the trailer on the insole in the bird person familiar with Wang Star "Pom", under the flamboyant appearance, with a childlike heart, this is perhaps the heart of many artists portrayal of it. It is reported that the shoes will soon in designated shops for sale, and there will be a series of supporting the sale of clothing. Air Jordan 5 "Laney" Retro latest multi-map Appreciation 2013-12-08 23:50:22 from November 2 Air Jordan 5 Retro "Laney" & nbsp; on sale in less than five days, the public Sneakerheads & nbsp; ready to meet its preparations? SIZE shoes reported now as we bring the latest shoe kind tushang. Buy shoes, such as tea, you may wish to carefully Guanqiao.