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as previously announced the LeBron XII's release date, overwhelmed by the KOBEX also is in advance inform the release date, 2015, January 31, Nike will be releasing this Kobe series the new boots. At present, there is no official pictures release, it is learned, it is likely to will continue to FLyknit shoes surface of the ultra high help design appearance. The official launch of the shoe may have to wait until early February. Details of the sale of information, please pay attention to the follow-up reports. more the latest shoes running shoes, NBA anecdotes and sports knowledge, please pay attention to the most Niubi sports equipment community [when off], microblogging search "when off, micro channel search dunkhome and extra welfare wayward send. source: basketball Nike once upon a time, hood by air due to exaggerated logo demonstration was criticized as "trench" standard, plus subsequent trend changes, HBA on the streets have become increasingly rare, in the New York Fashion Week, who presided Shayne Oliver changed the concept of HbA, with a brand-new angle bring autumn series. To say Hood By Air style, or the familiar street boasting that visual sense, but removed after logo does change many eye-catching. Black, white, red and other colors selected leather, yarn and other multi material splicing, irregular crop that sleeves, collars and other design is particularly conspicuous, in order to create a conflicting picture, male model and red feet high boots, the collision of various elements or showing hood by air aesthetic essence. Trench in the standard to the concept of fashion pioneer, Shayne Oliver design change also makes the HBA and more aspect, you may wish to browse the runway review to savor.Download (64.56 KB)New Balance is the latest English "Race Day" Pack 576, the overall design theme from horse racing, shoe body with suede, nylon mesh and Cordoba leather material, and jordans on sale online collocation unique tongue tag and pattern lining, then with the British flag logo underscores the high quality English production, is expected to April will be officially on sale.After have a bike, life is not a bit more interesting? In 2016 2015 gone, but there are many things worth looking forward to. For Cycle EXIF, the past year is very busy, fun and bicycle also increased, especially in the aspect of customization and Handmade bicycle. although 2015 has been in the past, then you might as well let us to see in the past year, which bike can called EXIF cycle annual ten? (the ranking based on traffic, social sharing, comments and other screening and)? 10.PAUL BRODIE 2015 NAHBS TOURERin the past few years, as a frame maker expert, Paul Brodie let people see his skills, even NAHBS, also proved that he is so popular. 9.BISHOP BIKES DI2 DISC ROADThis is not Chris Bishop first appeared in the Cycle EXIF of the year ten, this is not even a surprise. 8.DESALVO CUSTOM CYCLES TI GRINDERMike De Salvo completed the bike, many peers as one of his best works. 7.RETROTEC BACKROAD RIDERin the Cycle EXIF many bicycle past a year, the bike looked a bit strange, but in fact, it is one of the most popular bike. 6.SVEN CYCLES FORAGING BIKEif you are a famous chef, must press the menu to find the rural and forest food and have to bring them back in a way, what would you do? A man named Coppin Darron made the two rounds of Land Rover. CYCLES TANDEM5.CHAPMANBrian Chapman to he and his wife, Rhode Island trip built such a guy, also did not forget to into the classic and innovation, like power drum and removable trailer, can let the fun of double car to improve a lot. ADROIT4.KLEINKlein Gary this car has let EXIF Cycle many readers resonate, reminiscent of the early 90's of last century, even young readers can feel the charm of the retro. DIRT 3.CHIOSSI 〉has been famous throughout the world for its cheap foamposites timeless classic design, exquisite workmanship and superior quality in Italy. As a cutting-edge footwear brand leader, XANTHOLITE went to Italy, looking for the top of the leather material, and in cooperation with well-known designers in Italy, launched a new series of autumn, for each consumer to create exclusive leather shoes made in Italy. this autumn series launched six Italian leather shoes, all use the top Italy head cowhide, leather thick and breathable, flexible, often wearing is not easy to pleat. In combination with Italian color polishing technology and hand carved wing pattern, with breathable pigskin inner, from the visual and tactile to enhance the overall quality of leather shoes. in order to provide a more comfortable wearing experience, with XANTHOLITE light luxury brand positioning, comfortable ", we adopted the traditional European technology to create shoes of the last, which greatly enhance the comfort, more slender stick legs. on XANTHOLITE XANTHOLITE is the brand of Shengshi long haul company, which is inspired by a rare but unique mineral crystal -- Xantholite. It means that the XANTHOLITE brand understands everyone, and each individual has his own distinctive qualities. Since its establishment in 2008, the company has been responsible for the brand management. With the rapid development of the Sanse brand store, the XANTHOLITE has entered the first line department stores and central business circle in Southern China, North China, southwest and other provinces and municipalities directly under the central government. XANTHOLITE brand positioning as a public consumption of light luxury footwear brands. XANTHOLITE's shoes are made of carefully selected materials, providing full comfort and comfort. To the quality of products, designers are not all the way to visit, and explore more, hoping to find high-quality footwear of different materials, the search Cheap air jordans for sale China in mainland China, Southeast Asia and Italy world shoemaking center, and from the mainland, Hongkong, Taiwan and Chinese Italy designers work together. Making the best products under the collision and cooperation of multi cultures. The XANTHOLITE series offers a variety of shoes to suit a distinctive personality. That's why brands offer comfort and a little more boldness. The wearer can be in daily life more confident every step, whether it is the first interview, exploring the city, usually travel to broaden their horizons, go shopping, or just at the end of the day after the date simple, wearing XANTHOLITE to achieve your dreams. Usually small. was inspired by XANTHOLITE in 2008 with a hard and unique shape of the cross stone. Because XANTHOLITE knows everyone has his own characteristics. Since then, X〉 ??????women in business bags Perfect as an appetizer these Mini Hasselback Potatoes with Creamy Dill Dip are dunkable and delicious Gluten free vegetarian and perfect for the holidays cheap boys shirts Kerstboom van wraps Deze kerstboom is gemaakt van opgerolde stukjes wraps Op het voorbeeld zijn ze gevuld met roomkaas pesto stukjes wortel en rode kool en blaadjes spinazie Maar je kunt natuurlijk nemen wat je wilt Een plakje van een stervrucht maakt de kerstboom helemaal af in business bags Perfect as an appetizer these&nbs" /〉 s clothes for women Four Cheese Garlic Scalloped Potatoes Recipe from bakedbyrachel com asics retailers sydney Pink Airplane Travel Kit zulily zulilyfinds women in business bags Perfect as an appetizer these Mini Hasselback Potatoes with Creamy Dill Dip are dunkable and delicious Gluten free vegetarian and perfect for the holidays [Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] In recent years, sports brand began growing in fashion, whether it is an international brand ADIDAS, NIKE, or China's domestic brands Li Ning (stores), Xtep (stores) are more or less there is a tendency to develop this talent, especially in the London Olympics, but also to promote the sports brand began to take the fashion, the high road, leisure elements is greater than the movement of elements, even comparable to the Tide brand designs have appeared in the sports brand products. While we think this is a sports brand development trend of the time, PUMA another way, launched a new cross-functional sports platform - the essence of the movement (The Nature of Performance), in order to rekindle the brand in functional sports market position. Let cheetahs run faster I've always liked the PUMA brand logo, because the other end of the running cheetah exhibit vitality movement, its attitude to make people feel PUMA has been trying to move forward. The "essence of motion" platform launch, no doubt so that only the cheetah run faster in the same brand competition. On this new platform, PUMA company explained, "the essence of the movement" is the PUMA brand launched and throughout the primary platform in 2013, it is a clear thread, it makes all of its functional brand sports (football class, running classes, training, etc.) for consumers to show a consistent sound, look and feel. an abstract platform, invisible, although it conveys the idea is very firm, but the public still have doubts, PUMA is also well versed in the road. Therefore, the brand this platform with the simultaneous launch of new innovative professional sports for the public to understand this platform provides a figurative window. newly released PUMA Mobium Elite is available with a foot movement, stretching of sports shoes, it is to carry out a large number PUMA bionics research, development and test launch of a new category of running - running dynamic adequate first flagship models. Its design is derived from bionics and imitating nature. This innovative technology makes the foot can be horizontal, vertical and longitudinal stretching three dimensions, which can be coordinated with the overall movement, and the arch of the ground more natural movement more efficient. can be predicted, Mobium Elite advent static design will break with tradition as a symbol of the concept of running shoes. Based on the "movement of nature" platform release a new product than Mobium Elite, PUMA ACTV can mimic muscle movement patterns of athletes and provide micro-vibration massage for a particular site. PUMA RCVR quickly after exercise is designed to achieve the best recovery results. In the 2013 spring and summer product family, PUMA ACTV will launch include jogging suits, high-performance tights and Bolt Series high-performance products. PUMA RCVR will also launch women's fitness clothing, women jogging suits and high-performance tights. They will become the foundation for the whole of the "movement of essence" Platform. Let cheetah run farther issued "movement essence" Platform in addition to excite football, running, training and innovative fitness products, but also heralded a new marketing campaign. in the terminal sales, PUMA launched a unique name and label systems --PUMA CE-LL. It is a proprietary system developed by PUMA brand, the system can ensure that the characteristics of the product are clearly communicated to Consumers and easy identification by consumers for consumers to find the products best suited to their needs. PUMA CELL including a 14 unit names, each name corresponds to a specific key properties, such as, dryCELL representatives humidity control, visiCELL on behalf of high-visibility, powerCELL representatives compression functions. In terms of publicity, online and offline activities, "the essence of sport" platform is and brand advertising partners Droga5 co-sponsored the event with the product as the main character, and with a minimalist style of presentation. Simple gray background, the runway as the stage, the technical features of the product as the main information, the athletes through action gesture to show their "peak moment" .PUMA also collaborated with video production companies Juliet Zulu as "the essence of the movement" to develop a series Technical movies and TV advertising, these works from the beginning of February 2013 on the platform to launch online. PUMA Brand PR also told reporters: "This year, we will do road shows for sporting goods in several major cities in China, and will work with some of the running club conduct in-depth cooperation." (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative most Professional Footwear News)001.jpg (27.95 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-7-20 15:11 upload Update: We just learned that 002.jpg (31.22 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-7-20 15:11 upload 003.jpg (30.27 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-7-20 15:11 upload This Nike WMNS Blazer has Diadora N9000 NYL gray red new color Author: blank upload on 2015-1-25 18:26:40 read: 123 recommended: 0 reply: 0 categories: SNK tide shoes informationReebok Question 20th anniversary commemorative release 2016-04-28 14:25:57 this year coincides with Reebok's classic shoes Question to market 20th anniversary, the brand also launched a variety of limited color matching. Today, the network releases amazing news again, and they will launch a brand new commemorative color again. The outer packaging of sneakers is made of black gold, and the tone of shoes is likely to be made of black gold and white gold. As a limited product, it seems difficult to receive. The friends who are interested in the shoes may continue to pay close attention to our follow-up reports, we will bring you the date of sale and physical map.